Our leasing practice represents both landlord and tenant clients across the country in virtually every type of commercial lease matter, including office, retail, commercial, manufacturing, industrial, recreational, and ground lease transactions.  Our real estate attorneys have developed long-term relationships with several national retail brands, international corporations, institutional investors, and all types of entrepreneurial and smaller business ventures, and we regularly assist with their leasing needs.



and Sales 

Moorhead Law Group, LLC has handled sophisticated transactions for its clients, many of which were done on an expedited basis and with numerous complexities. We have experience in buying and selling all types of real property in the United States, including office, retail, industrial, warehouse, restaurant, and multi-family. Our attorneys have earned a reputation for sound, practical advice, cost-effective and creative solutions, and getting tricky deals past the finish line.

Land Use,

Zoning, and

Property Disputes

Moorhead Law Group, LLC has advised clients in numerous zoning, land use, and property dispute matters.  The firm has represented clients in zoning due diligence, public hearing matters, and development projects.  Our attorneys also handle property disputes, including property line, water frontage, easement, and access rights.  In one case, Moorhead Law Group, LLC counsel successfully negotiated a property right dispute with a U.S. Government Department of Homeland Security anti-terrorism setback initiative. 

Environmental, Sustainability, and Green Projects

Environmental, sustainable, and green issues are key negotiation points in virtually every current real estate matter.  Industrial and manufacturing properties have to comply with environmental statutes.  Tenants regularly ask about sustainable and green initiatives in office and retail buildings.  Landlords and owners continue to seek cost savings in projects and developments by lowering utility charges and seeking other benefits.  We can assist you on these issues through our decade-plus of experience.

​​"Invariably win respect and commitment from others in the transaction, save enormous time and money on behalf of clients"


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