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Moorhead Law Group law firm in Chicago represent national tenants in leasing and leases and conservation

Conservation Easements

Conservation easements are becoming more and more popular as a land planning tool, both by the landowner and the community.  Outside of urban settings, the real estate attorney needs to have an understanding of conservation and natural resource laws and planning tools to effectively counsel his client.

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Water Law

Moorhead Law Group, LLC has experience analyzing riparian water rights, Great Lakes water disputes, and diversion issues.  Water and land are inextricably connected, and we address client water rights as they arise in commercial transactions.





Timber, agriculture, mineral rights - these are only some of the non-commercial uses of real property that need to be addressed, protected and included in many non-urban transactions.  The Moorhead Law Group, LLC has written, spoken, studied, and worked on these matters since 1996.

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